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February news!

You know, before making this blog post, I decided to check, what was I writing in Feb about previously and realized that neither in 2022, nor in 2023 there were any February news! So here it is, first ever, Ta-Da!

February is a tricky month, winter with all the holidays is almost over and Spring is not there yet, so it's a month of contemplation, preparation for the planting season, although some starts are already happening!

Seeds are ordered and some even started:

Baby bunnies are making our life cheerful and happy, as well as baby goats! Super cute!

And the biggest news: we started to milk two of our goats First Time Ever! I always though milking a goat or a cow is the epiphany of the farming skills! And though I personally was not against it, I was postponing it as long as I could. And here it is: unfortunately couple of mamma goats lost their babies and have plenty of unused milk that make them uncomfortable so we came to rescue!

More pictures to follow.

Happy coming spring dear friends!

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