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Lots of pigs!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

You know, when I am thinking of my day, I divide it into sections, morning at home, morning farm chores, dropping kids off at school, time in the middle of the day for projects, picking kids up from school, evening farm chores, evening time at home. And sometimes I am striving for efficiency, but sometimes - opposite to it, when you just dissolve in happiness and the moment of being with breathtaking beauty of the nature, or, in this case - newborn baby piglets!

It was a beautiful sunny fall day, about a week ago. Two black mama pigs gave birth. One (near Demian) is still a your saw so we were a bit concerned about her. She quickly lost interest in her babies and went back to the group of adults. But the big black mama adopted them all.

Amazing in the pig's word, sometimes another pig will become a companion to another. That was the case with this black and white female, who just wanted to be next to big mama, sometimes to the point of intruding intu her space. Demian and his friend helped to sort things out.

Now all is good!

Bon appetite little ones!

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