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Spring Fair on the Farm

Dear friends!

This year we are happy to announce the Second Annual Spring Fair, an amazingly talented and resourceful event!

When:  March 17th, coincidentally happening along with St Patric's Day and many other fun local events! 1pm-3pm!

Where: Grebenniki Farm, 1645 Anderson Creek Rd, Talent

What to bring: If you, your children or other family members do any arts and crafts, offer services, sing, make music, or create anything else beautiful and useful, please come with your own table (or other set up) to share your talents with our community! We would kindly ask you to register so we have a head count and will be able to offer enough space for everyone.

Guests, who are interested to participate in those crafts, games and songs, purchase unique seasonal creations, including Easter Decorations, and otherwise support this wonderful group of local entrepreneurs and craftspeople, are wholeheartedly welcome!

Please feel free to spread the word,

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Fair!

Warmly yours,


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