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Spring Fair was a success!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our Spring Fair! It was such a fun event! We had food, crafts, songs, animal feeding, meeting old and new friends and much more!

Children and adults were presenting, sharing, selling all sorts of goodies!

Wind and rain tried to mess things up but we were strong and optimistic!

Last Sunday brought all Easter celebrations to the culmination and even though the table with Ukrainian Egg Decoration craft was not very busy, but the spirit of it and our previous craft gatherings created these beautiful results:

And finally, fun creation made with amazing Pot Holders/Mini Cheeseboards/Coasters made by Greg and Co!

Next Fair will be in the Fall, with the theme of Harvest and Fermentation, we welcome everyone to participate in it! Meanwhile we are having more events, including Summer Camps, Family Camping, Workshops and more!

Come visit us in our Village!


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