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Summer Camps at the Grebenniki Farm!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Greetings dear friends!

Three weeks of children's Summer Camps at the beautiful Land and Farm:

June 20-24, 9am-2pm for ages 8-14 Slavic (mostly Russian and Ukrainian) Folk Painting and other Crafts Like many traditional cultures, Slavic village people used and passed through generations many useful and beautiful arts and crafts. Some of them were practical, some purely aesthetic, mostly influenced by local nature, climate and other factors. In our Camp each day we will do different crafts (including clay whistles, beading ornaments, embroidery and painting), listen to the stories, sing songs, and apply traditional wisdom of faraway lands to the local environment.

July 5-8, 9am-2pm for ages 6-10

LEGO modeling on the Farm

Does your child love LEGO? Does he or she long to have a great group of kids to construct together, being inspired by each other's ideas, to have multi-age collaboration as well as friendly competition? We will have it all and much more (did I mention farm animals?). Unlike many indoor settings for this kind of activity, we will be all outdoors, in the shade, each child having a blanket with his/her LEGO pieces to work with. We will have "free supplies box" also. Regular breaks for snack, water, lunch, movement, games, small presentations of finished projects and visiting farm animals are incorporated into the day as well.

July 11-15, 9am-2pm for ages 6-13

Weaving Forest and Woodwork

When you come deep into the woods sometimes it looks like an amazing weaving on the 3D level. Old and young trees, shrubs, vines, annual and perennial herbs and grasses, groundcovers... Also included are insects, spider webs, birds and their songs! And many invisible weavers: worms, mushrooms, wind and water... Stories are weaving on their own... We will just scratch the surface and try to learn, observe, imitate and create our unique patterns and forms. This camp is open to all levels of crafters, starting age 6 and up, including willing parents. Small pieces will go home with the students, but some large cooperative works will remain on and beautify the Land. There is a slight chance of smoke in the air in which case we will be mostly indoors.

Cost for first and third week of Summer Camps is $250 per child with $50 off for a sibling. LEGO Camp is $180 with the same ($50) discount for siblings. I am happy to offer a sliding scale, as it is very important for me to share what I love with like-minded families.

To inquire about the enrollment of your child or other details please use Chat or call Natalya 408-420-0095

P.S. Cows are from our neighbor. Asking for mooooooor camps!

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