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Talent Fair

Happy Solstice and Beautiful Summer!

We want to wholeheartedly invite you to our Talent Fair!

July 2, Saturday, 5pm,

at the Grebenniki Farm in Talent.

As many stars as talents around us!

If you love to craft, do art, have business or service you would like other people to know, please come!

If you have crafty kids, little entrepreneurs, talented in any ways, please come!

If you play musical instruments, sing, dance, juggle, etc, please come!!!

If you love supporting crafters and other talented people (and children!!!) please come!

This event is Free and open for everyone, all ages, all skills, all ways of life. The only requirement: please be kind, be considerate of others, and the environment.

Here are the details (there are more to come when you register):

  1. Please take time to RSVP, the link is below and if you have different crafts and more than one person you are welcome to do more reservations. But if you choose to fill in just one, please list as many things you are bringing (crafts for sale, music, what not) as possible!

  2. The set up starts at 4:30. The event is all outdoors, so it might still be a bit warm. We have some shade but if you have an umbrella or tent - please bring! It's up to you either to bring a table, bench, rack with hangers or just lay the blanket on the ground, we have flat space!

  3. We would very much welcome all musicians, please let us know if you can contribute to the diverse music schedule during the Fair. We have access to electricity, but acoustic music will be heard as well. Whole event is pretty compact. Singing is awesome too!

  4. Very important (but I am sure I am preaching to the choir) - to leave the space the same or better than it was before! Please pick up all garbage, we don't have any bins beside compost bins that will feed the pigs!

  5. We want to create some sort of network of local crafts people, artisans and sustainable entrepreneurs, so if you don't want to have your information included in the database, please let us know. We are open to all sorts of alternative ways to keep our information available only to like-minded people.

  6. Spread the word!!! Thank you so much.

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