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Yes, it's March 2nd, but still winter in Southern Oregon. Actually winter just started on February 28 and we welcome it! Finally white and snowy!

Some pictures turned out blue! Because of the evening time. But nevermind, may be light blue is one shade of white?

Our famous deck on which many happy activities happen, now clean and quiet!

The quest here: find the dog! This picture was at the beginning of the snowstorm, ground is still wet underneath.

Pig house with a view! All animals started taking long naps. Shhhh, don't wake up little piglets! You can't quite see them on the picture, may be next blog post will have irresistible photos of baby animals!

This is the way to haul feed to the pigs in winter! Wheel barrow just would not go through this wet snow.

Finishing collection of sleeping piglets, grasses, trees and all - this sleeping owl, hopefully enjoying her new hat.

Have a great time dear friends! Come visit us when you can, it is so beautiful here!

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