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to join Good Food Club (CSA)

How does it work:


CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, is a membership and subscription program in which our members receive a portion of meat cuts as well as other products at a sizable discount. CSA members play a vital role in directly supporting small farms in many countries, helping us to continue our holistic farming methods.


SPECIAL!!! This is our pilot year, so to make our club membership accessible and easy to try we offer very attractive rules for this year of 2024. Instead of yearly, subscription is on monthly or biweekly basis.


How to pay:


You pay monthly and receive one CSA "box" a month for monthly or twice a month for biweekly subscription. "Box" could be picked up from the farm or delivered to your door (Ashland, Talent and Phoenix only). You choose from the list of offerings (detailed list is sent separately and updated every month), make your order and pay at the delivery (or while picking up). We trust that you will be more than satisfied and return back every month for your "box"!


Packaging and recycle:


Usually you get individually vacuum-packaged frozen meat parts with varying weight. Sometimes we have an option for our members to pick freshly harvested not frozen meat, we will announce those events to our members. All other produce is packed separately (eggs in cartons, cabbage and jams in the jars, bread, cheese and pate in plastic or paper wraps. We always appreciate recycling of some of the packaging) and included in the same "box".

When you become a member, you get the bounty of our amazing products:

Fermented Cabbage

using just cabbage carrot and salt

  • by the jar


Rye Sourdough Bread

100% Organic Rye flour, pumpkin seeds, flax meal, molases

  • 1 pound bread

  • 1/2 pound half a bread

or 100% Organic Rye and Wheat flour, caraway seeds, molases


Free Range Chicken Eggs

Colorful and so good and fresh

dozen or more


Rabbit parts

Lean, tender, versatile

  • whole (skinned and gutted) rabbit - fresh

  • whole rabbit - frozen

  • half rabbit - fresh or frozen

  • liver pate


Pig parts

different cuts and products

  • half or quarter

  • pork fat (raw)

  • pork fat (salted in brine)

  • liver pate

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