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Eco-village is growing!

Usually I post about our growing numbers of animals, beautiful flowers and amazing events! Today it is all about building little houses!

Just look at these! Not only these bird houses are super cute, but majority are so called "duplexes"! Let's turn them back side up:

I mean it might look a bit similar, but you know what, they are constructed with the reclaimed wood found on our property! And placed altogether on a hand hewn pole from the land too:

And you might be wondering, who is this great artist and master that created it all? Here he is, our friend Kirill who came to help with some building projects and in the spare time playfully created these masterpieces!

And yes, the beautiful structure he is pointing to is another amazing bird (or squirrel) house, it has seeds and all and decorated with local artifacts!

The next project (becide houses for people of course) will be the bat house! Something like this:

We have many wonderful creative programs planned for this summer! Come to any or all. Communicate with me if you'd like sliding scale or work-trade, we love people who love what we do!

Have a wonderful summer!

Natalya Marchuk on behalf of the village

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